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At Your Word – I Will – Part 1

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I actually outlined the next two post a few weeks back – I am finally getting around to writing them.

My family and I are on a journey through the Gospels over the next 40 days. (Our pastor at Paul Ann Baptist has challenged the congregation to read through the Gospels in 40 days.) We are a couple of days behind – but we are having a good time doing it – at least I am anyway.

A couple of weeks back during his sermon, our pastor called our attention to Luke 5.

Jesus has been teaching the people, the crowd begins to press in on him to “hear the word of God.” (Luke 5:1). Two boats are near by, He (Jesus) hops into one of the boats (the one belonging to a fisherman named Simon Peter). He asked Simon to push him out a little from the land. Jesus sits down and begins to teach the people.

Simon and other fishermen were near cleaning their nets from a previous fishing effort. Jesus, “when he had finished speaking” says to Simon. “Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” (Luke 5:4).

Jesus request of Simon the use his boat for the sermon of the day so to speak and then ‘invites’ Simon to go fishing in his own boat. Talk about inviting yourself over!

But it’s Simon’s response I find interesting. Luke 5:5 says, “And Simon answered, “Master, we toiled all night and took nothing! But at your word I will let down the nets.”

Simon, at first, does what I do when I really don’t want to do something – protest. “We toiled all night.”

Ever offer your protest or excuse to God to his request of you. ‘I already tried that God.’ ‘That will never work.’ ‘I’m tired.’ ‘I’m too busy.’ ‘They won’t listen to me.’ ‘I don’t have the answers.’ We have a ton of them – excuses we use to justify our unwillingness to trust God “at his word.”

God calls us to many things specifically, but two things always – to love Him and to love others. If what we do fits into one of those two commands then we should be on solid footing.

But I find myself offering excuses and not stepping up to God’s command on me way too often.

However, Simon steps up and responds with, “I will.” Matter of fact, his statement is, “but at your word I will.” We don’t know for sure – but I’m willing to bet Simon was tired (from the earlier fishing excursion) and a bit frustrated (Jesus wanting to fish after the failed excursion and the nets were cleaned). But because Jesus requested so Simon said yes.

Simon exhibited a level of trust and expectation in his response to Jesus. Do you trust and expect God to do what He says He will do?

What do you think? (Part 2 – Later)


What song are you singing?

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Have you been watching American Idol? My family and I are not necessarily die hards. However, we try to avoid the trash of the opening auditions and watch the top 25 compete. It’s fun to watch the talent develop over time and see the cream of the crop rise to the top (in most cases).

As I have watched, I have discovered there are many threads that weave a good performance together. One key thread is song selection. A contestant choosing the wrong song will find themselves under a barrage of comments from the judges – “that is not the song for you.” Picking the right song becomes as important has singing it well.

Life is a song. (Can I say with out it sounding like a cliché?) But this song is sung with the way we live life. The lyrics are written by behavior not just words.

King David sang songs. He recorded several of those songs and they are found in the book of Psalm. One on my top 20 countdown list is Psalm 16. The inspiration for the lyrics in the psalm appear to be life itself. It is not uncommon for song writers to find the words for a song from the life they live. David expresses that here.

“Preserve me, O God,”; “You are my Lord, I have no good apart from you.” David found his life in the person who gave him life. He knew anything good in him did not come from him but from God.

“The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.” David knew the good things from life, the ‘blessings’ were from God.

So he “set the Lord always before” him so he would not be “shaken” or beat down by life. David sang about God “making known to him the path of life” and finding “joy” and “pleasures” from God.

I wonder what song you are singing today? Do the lyrics reflect the grand presence of God in your life or does your song fall flat?

Finding God’s Rest

Posted in Devotional Thought, Faith, God's Rest, God's Word, Hebrews, Obedience on July 12, 2007 by Lee

I have been spending a good part of the summer in Hebrews. Here are some thoughts from Chapter 4.

It begins talking of a standing to promise to enter God’s rest and to fear not finding it. The first questions that came to my mind were “how do you miss it” and “how do you find it?”

To sum it from my study of the chapter: God’s rest is found as a result of living by a faith that leads to surrendered obedience to God in all matters of life. Obedience leads to rest.

The more I thought about this the more I have seen this played out in my own life. When I am disobedient in areas of my life I find very little ‘rest.’ This lack of rest is displayed in the conviction of my heart over sin, to lack of peace in my heart, to and inability to focus on anything until the sin is dealt with, to the lack of physical rest – not sleeping at night.

Obedience to God is the precursor to finding the promise of rest that comes from God.

The author of Hebrews says the word of God is the tool used to reveal the disobedient places – the places lacking rest. It is the only tool able to penatrate and expose the truth of who we are.

Living a life of faith that leads to surrendered obedience to God in all areas of life requires a life emmersed in the pages of God’s word – then rest will come.

Spiritual Anemia

Posted in Devotional Thought, God's Word on January 18, 2005 by Lee

“The man who feeds upon God’s Word will become strong; the one who neglects it will be dwarfed. Both stature and strength are gauged by the quality of spiritual food eaten and assimilated. Wherever you find a spiritual anemic, the reason is improper food.” – Life on the Highest Plane p. 379 by Ruth Paxson

Do I ever find myself weak in the stature and strength of my spirit? Do I find myself empty in my heart and very soul? Could it be from a lack of nourishment?

I like the statement by Mrs. Paxson above. Neglect of God’s word leads to spiritual anemia and starvation. I can testify to the truth. But why is it neglected? Why does time in God’s word have so little priority in my life at times?

I admit to the inconsistency in my own life with being in God’s word. The demands to my time through my various responsibilities in life often push out the “non-essentials” of time demands. (WOW – that hurt to type out.) But that is what I do. I push it aside for things I deem more important at the time.

I think all people at some point do this. There are times when all of us will push aside time in God’s word in favor of other things. What is worse is how good those things are: going to work, doing homework, spending time with family or friends, reading something else, going to a church activity. We push aside God’s word in favor of some great things.

But wouldn’t spending adequate time in God’s word make me a better employee, student, family member, friend and church member? That would be the desired result. Yet still I spend so little time comparatively to the other activities I do.

Ultimately, It comes down to what I decide to do each day. There will always be demands on my time. Life will never let up on the battle for my devotion. But I decide who receives what. No matter what or who it is, ultimately the decision is mine. So what has to happen – I have to make better decisions. I have to decide that time in God’s word is more important than any other demand I have.

“How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word. With my whole heart I seek you; let me not wander from your commandments! I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” – Psalm 119:9-11 (ESV)