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Are you getting comfortable?

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Here is a post I came across today by Seth Godin. It is a brief one – but I found it a powerful reminder and a bit convicting.

Take a look at it HERE.


Lessons from failed Leadership

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I came across this nice post from Michael Hyatt on Leadership. It was a good read. You should check it out HERE.

A Historic Day – Our Response

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This election was going to be historic – no matter the outcome. We would either see our first black president or our first female vice-president.

America responded with record numbers in turn out and they spoke clearly – Barack Obama will be our president.

If Barack Obama was not your choice of canidate for the office, what should your response be? I found Dr. Mohler’s post very helpful. I hope you will check it out.

What are your thoughts?

A link on prayer

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One of the blogs I frequent is Pastor Joe Thorn. He has a great post today on prayer. I encourage you to take a look at it. You can find it here.


Posted in Humilition, Mentions of other Post on July 20, 2007 by Lee

Tim Challies has a great post here on our glorifing humilition. It is well worth the read.


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I came across this post at Between Two Worlds. It was convicting.

Richard Baxter, from The Reformed Pastor, chapter 1:

The most holy men are the most excellent students of God’s works, and none but the holy can rightly study them or know them. His works are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein,” but not for themselves, but for him that made them. Your study of physics and other sciences is not worth a rush, if it be not God that you seek after in them. To see and admire, to reverence and adore, to love and delight in God, as exhibited in his works—this is the true and only philosophy; the contrary is mere foolery, and is so called again and again by God himself. This is the sanctification of your studies, when they are devoted to God, and when He is the end, the object, and the life of them all.

God’s Will

Posted in God's Will, Mentions of other Post on July 13, 2007 by Lee

Here is post by Phil Johnson over at Pyromanics The Security of God’s Will.
Give it a read.