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More on Idols

Posted in Idols, Worship on May 31, 2007 by Lee

Tim Challies live blogged the New Attitude Conference this past weekend. Here is a link to Tim’s post on CJ Mahaney’s talk at the conference. CJ’s sermon was about discerning idols. You can listen to the conference sermons from the conference HERE.

I found the post to be very good, and I plan on listening to the sermon later.

I started a post on the things we worship HERE.


We Worship Relationships

Posted in Devotional Thought, Idols, Sacrifice, Worship on May 30, 2007 by Lee

I have been reading Matthew 10:34-39. The language of this passage as both surprised and challenged me at one time or another when reading it. But when I stop to look at its language and simply give it a bit of thought. I see some glaring truth.

Much can be said about the passage and the implication of what Jesus said is tremendous – but I see two things from the passage that speaks deeply about what we worship.

We Worship Relationships. Much of what we do on a regular bases is done to “pay homage” to our relationships. Now I realize that relationships are a key part of who we are and how God has wired us, but I do see from the language Christ uses in this passage is emphases on what we worship rather than Him.

We worship our relationships with other people (friends, family, and co-workers). Most of what we do in a day is in response to our relationship to that person. We work hard at our jobs to satisfy the demands of our boss or customer. We strive to meet the needs and wants of our spouse and children. We seek to spend time and do favors for friends. These are not relationships or things we should not do. Maintaining good relationships with others requires are effort and attention. But you see from the language of Christ (v. 35-37) how Jesus strikes directly at the place of some of our most important relationship and the place they rank compared to Jesus.

We worship ourselves. When we are not seeking to satisfy the demands of a relationship with someone else – we are seeking to satisfy the demands of self. (The two of these get so intermingled I think we have trouble seeing the difference.) We seek to find satisfaction, pleasure, peace. Yet peace is not what we are promised. Christ comes with a sword.

The attention of our hearts must be pledge to Jesus and no one else. A pledge fulfilled by personal sacrifice of all of life to Jesus – no matter what (the Cross.)