Chihuahua, Mexico

UPDATE: 1-08-2010

This page details a trip to Chihuahua, Mexico in March of 2007. The purpose of the trip was to pray and seek ways we could partner with local believers to reach college students. Things have not progressed liked we had hoped. However, last we heard, some locals have caught a vision for reaching students and have began to move that direction. As of now, they have not needed our assistance.

In the mean time, we continue to pray for some open doors to meet and minister to Chihuahua students. God is faithful and is opening those doors. So I hope there will be more to post on this very soon.

Enjoy the post.
Map of the State of Chihuahua in Mexico

Here is a complete recap of our trip to Chihuahua, Mexico. Thank you for all prayed and supported us in going on the trip. Keep praying for us. Our desire is to return in May to continue building a contact base to help start a ministry to college students.

Chihuahua, Mexico – Day 1 (Traveling to El Paso)

Our journey began about 2 PM on Friday afternoon. We hit the road for El Paso, TX. We would travel to El Paso and spend the night and continue on the next morning to Juarez, then on to Chihuahua on Saturday. Those were our original plans. The van had some other ideas.

We pulled into McKamey, TX about 5 PM. The van we are using begins to run very hot and nearly over heat. I pulled in to assess the situation. McKamey lacks a mechanic who stays open after 5 PM – nor do they have any auto part stores. So the van cools down – we turn the AC off and continue on to Ft. Stockton.

We pull into an auto parts store (since we do not know any trusted mechanics we go to a place who might know one). One the salesmen helps us determine we may have a themostat that is sticking. They then help us find a mechanic. The second person on their list of people to call agrees to take a look at it. We head over to the mechanic (after hours) and they agree to stay open and fix it for us. This is a family business and it is the Birthday of the son – who is the mechanic who ends up working on the van with his dad. (We take up a little collection and give it to the son for a little B-Day blessing.)

Van in the Shop

While the van is being repaired, we head on to a resturant to eat. With no transportation we strike out on foot. Not far down the rode we find a place to eat. (Rhonda did try to enlist the limo of a local funeral home – but nobody was home.)

Hitching a Ride

Resturant in Ft Stockton

After a great meal and a great time we walk back to van – she is fixed and ready to head on to El Paso. We are only a 3 hours behind schedule.

We arrive in El Paso and try to get some rest. It is another day of driving tomorrow. This time in the country of Mexico.

Chihuahua, Mexico – Day 2 Juarez & Chihuahua

Day 2 went off with out a hitch. God provided some great people to help us get to our destination.

The first was the Olmos family. Sam and Monica along with their young son hosted us for the night in El Paso. They were great host and made us feel very welcomed and at home.

Olmos Family

Monica took some time out and led on across the border into Juarez.

Sign in Juarez

She helped us get our visas, exchange money and find the road on to Chihuahua city. We were so blessed to have their help. They were great host and great guides for the start of our journey.

From Juarez we headed south for Chihuahua. After about 4 hours and a whole lot of nothing we made it to Chihuahua and found our hotel. (It was quite amusing trying to figure out a map in spanish – even with a spanish speaker.)


We checked into our rooms and I made a few phone calls (with Rhonda’s help). The students took some time to get settled in their rooms. Micah and Megan enjoyed some cartoons – in Spanish.

One of the phone calls I made was to Abram. Abram was a student from Chihuahua who studied at ASU about two years ago. He was involved in our praise band at the BSM. He plays a mean bass guitar. It was a great chance to recconect with him and to meet his friend Elizabeth. Abram is a graduate of the university we will be touring on Tuesday and looking to help minister on. Elizabeth is a student at another university we hope to target. Her father is a minister with the Methodist Church in Mexico.

Abram and Elizabeth

They took time out of their evening and showed us a few sights in the city. It was great to see Abram and to meet Elizabeth. Spending time with her gave us more insight into college students in Mexico and into the heart of two young people who truly love Jesus and want to impact their world for the gospel.

We end up going to church the next morning with Abram and Elizabeth. This brings us to day three….

Chihuahua, Mexico – Day 3 Church Visits

Service times are a bit different here in Chihuahua. We did not leave for church until 11:30 AM. So we were able to sleep in a bit and recover from the crazy trip in. The service we attended began at 12 noon.

It was great service. We enjoyed it very much. It reminded Rhonda and I of our church here in San Angelo.

ASU at Shalom

The night before Abram invited into his home for lunch after church. We excepted!

So after church we headed to Abram’s house. We met his parents and enjoyed a great meal. We were able to spend our time during lunch with 4 college students who attend church with Abram. Again another opportunity to see and encourage Christian college students in Chihuahua. We spent our entire afternoon with the family.


Abram took our team to the mall near by where they met up with Jose. Jose is another one of those people who God has provided for us. He is currently studying at ASU but returned to Chihuahua for spring break. He is going to be our guide on Monday and possibly Tuesday.

Rhonda and I met Jose through Elizabeth (another Chihuahua student at ASU.) We had them both over to our house a few weeks before the trip. They shared a lot about their country and students in Chihuahua with Rhonda and I and the mission team. They are great students!

Jose agreed to meet up with us while we were in Chihuahua! God provides!!

That evening we attended church at Primera Iglesia Bauptista. Another opportunity God placed in your laps. The pastor of this church is very good friends with one of the key players to starting student work in this city once again. We were able to meet with him for a bit after church and make a better connection to Abram Cervantez – the key player in the city. We will be meeting with him on Monday morning.

It has been amazing to see how God is working. It seemed every place we went we were connected to people who may end up being a player in the efforts to start something or they pointed us toward people who could help.

There are other details – like meeting a student from Pennsylvania who is here working in an school that teaches English. Or tonight at dinner our waiter is a student on the university we will tour on Tuesday.

Be praying for Abram, Elizabeth, Abram Cervantez and for additional people with a heart for students and a love for God.

Chihuahua Mexico – Day 4

Day four began at our meeting with Abram Cervantez. It was a great meeting and very confirming. We were able to talk about college ministry in Mexico and get a little history on the area here. We will now begin working toward a meeting with some national ministry leaders here in Mexico to discuss possibilities in Chihuahua. We were able to close our time with Abram by praying for him and his church family.

Monday was disignated as a day to see the city. So we headed down town (with Abram’s help) and connected with Jose and some of his friends (students or graduates of Tech de Monterrey). We spent the entire day with him and his friends. It was a great day of building our friendship with these students. They were terrific host.

Some of our tour guides in Chihuahua

Jose and his friends gave us tickets to a theater production that he and two of his friends helped write. It was a musical – dance – drama presentation of the history of the Tango. So we attended the production. It was a great cultural experience and allowed us more time with Jose and his friends. (BTW: Guess who else was at the theater – Abram Cervantez, his wife and the associate pastor and his wife of Abram’s church.) We closed the evening with dinner with Abram, his wife and the other couple – along with Manuel and Natalie (two of the friends we were with all day.)

It was a great day. The time with these students was well spent.

Chihuahua, Mexico – Day 5

This day was much more intense and full of some great encounters with college students. We headed out for our campus tour at Tech de Monterrey. We met up with Jose – as well as two other students on the campus. These two students are part of the Christian prayer group we were hoping to connect with.

Tech De Monterrey

These guys gave us a great tour of the campus. We stopped for lunch on the campus and spent time with the students from the prayer group and Jose, Natalie and Manuel.

Group on tour at Tech

After lunch Rhonda and I stepped aside to meet with David and Ruth. They are the leaders of the prayer group on the campus. David shared with us his vision for ministry with college students of Tech de Monterrey. It was incrediable and there are some very real possibilities of us helping him in this effort.

At about 1:30 we rushed over and joined the prayer group. It was an incrediable experience to sit and listen to these students plead with God for their campus. I was very touched and moved by all of it.

Prayer Group at Tech

I was able to share with this small group about the two year journey I have been on to get to Chihuahua. To see God begin to open doors has been very encouraging and humbling. Especially when we find out that David and Ruth have been praying for two years for something to happen on the campus. God is up to something.

Ruth and David wanted us to meet their pastor and youth pastor. So they rushed us off to meet with the two of them. We spent a couple of hours at this church. Most of the time we visited with their youth minister to talk about some of the things he is doing to reach out to students. He was a great help and provided some good direction. He will be an asset to us.

We headed back to the campus to pick up Jose and Natalie. This time Jose took us to eat Elotes. This was another one of those great cultural experiences. Jose and his friends led us back to our hotel where we said our good byes. It was bitter sweet. I hope and pray we get to see them again.

Sign at Elotes

Some of the Group eating Elotes

We took about 30 minutes and headed out to dinner – 8:30 PM. We called up Elizabeth (from day 2). She met up with us. We were able to talk with her about the campus she attends. I asked what she envisioned about ministering to students on her campus. Would you believe her vision was very similar to that of David’s (Tech de Monterrey). I think God is up to something!!!

We spent about an 1.5 with Elizabeth. She is a sweetheart and will be a great assest to future ministry on her campus.

Final thoughts

I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams that so many connections would be made, in the fashion they were made. Oh, me of little faith!! The meeting of people, timing, and vision were all brought together in a way that was divinely set into motion. Only God can receive glory for what happened.

It is difficult on this blog to paint the picture for you. I hope as I continue to process the week to update you on the progress.

It will take time to pray through everything. It will take divine wisdom to figure out what needs to happen next. In the mean time, I am looking to return soon to start diving in and make a reality out of ministering to students in Mexico. I only hope to be a part of what many are already doing.

Pray for us.

Thanks for praying and feel free to post any comments you have.


8 Responses to “Chihuahua, Mexico”

  1. We’ll be praying for your trip. Seems like van trouble always goes along with mission trips! Sue Ellen

  2. Lynn and Amanda Says:

    We praying for you guys! Love y’all –

    Lynn, Amanda, and “the girls”

  3. Carmen & George Says:

    We are praying for you all. GOD Bless you..Be careful.
    Carmen & George Ramirez

  4. Don and Edith Kennedy Says:

    What an answer to prayer! This is exactly what our vision for Target Harvest is about! Hope you had a great trip home. We are so glad you met so many people, especially as we know some of them personally. Stay in touch.

  5. Wow im so excited, im not sure how i found your blog through google looking for Chihuahua pictures and what a surprise!!! you love my country and even my school, id like to have your email address please write soon have things to tell you. Blessings!

  6. What a blessing. Found ya while researching family history. My great grandparents were from Chihuahua. May the Lord continue to lead and direct your every step as you seek His will. Great is His faithfulness. Your random brother in Christ, Jason Arviso. Hit me up on Facebook. p.s. are you planning future trips????

  7. Steven Cardenas Says:

    My grandparents on my dad’s side were from CHihuahua and fled to San Antonio, Texas in1901 to escape Poncho Villa’s raids. This story was told to me by my Grandmother herself in 1975 when I saw her last. They were semi-wealthy and left with 3 cigar boxes full of gold nuggets. They spoke no English and became migrant farm workers. Of course their cigar boxes were emptied very quickly by the people of San Antonio because my Grandfather had asthma and they slept on piles of hay and his asthma got so bad tat he eventually died when my dad was 17 years old. Anyway, I am a college graduate and am a medical provider. I want to return to their home city and help the people or Chihuahua with their medical care. I don’t know just how to do that. Any thoughts.

  8. I love your story and send my prayers out to you. My father is from Chihuahua and I have been there several times.

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