Opening Night

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Tonight I am participating in Angelo Civic Theatre production of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The play is an adaptation from the classic movie with Jimmy Stewart (for the most part – its just like the movie).

This is my first official theatre performance since my early childhood. But most of the fun as come from hanging out with my dad – he plays the part of Mr. Potter (and he plays him very well). Come and check out the performances. The show opens tonight and runs through Dec. 18th.

To see some of the production photos click HERE

For show times, dates and to purchase tickets click HERE.


Conversations with Micah

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Here is a recent conversation with my son. It is brief. It is a sign my son is moving ever closer to a teenager.

Micah: “Dad, I am growing up.”

Dad: “Micah, why are you telling me this?”

Micah: “When boys grow older they become interested in girls.”

So, I’ve just been informed my son is interested in girls. So it begins.

Rhonda Apprehends a Shop Lifter

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Friday, January 29, 2010

At approximately 5:00 PM, Rhonda was downtown on Oaks Street approaching the bridge just before the San Angelo Art Museum. On her approach to the bridge she noticed several cars stopped in the street by a woman trying to dial her cell phone.

On further inspection, Rhonda recognizes the woman as the owner of a local downtown clothing shop (she knows them all). Rhonda pulls closers and inquires about her welfare. Her friend informs her that a young lady in the car she was standing in front of had stolen clothing from her shop.

At that point the young lady jumps from the back of the car and proceeds to run. Rhonda (being a very impulsive person) throws her van in park, jumps out, kicks off her shoes and proceeds to run after the shop lifter in her socks!

After a sprint of two blocks Rhonda catches the fleeing thief (who was unloading her loot along the way)! She grabs her by the purse and puts her (with a bit of force) on the ground. At this point Rhonda is standing over the future convict. The ‘unsub’ then fills the air with a series of four-letter words directed toward her captor. Rhonda demands the thief’s purse and gives it closer inspection.

At this point the victimized shop owner comes upon the scene having collected the tossed loot by the young thief. After determining all the merchandise had been recovered, the shop owner scolds the little criminal soundly who then proceeds to make another break for freedom and succeeds.

Although no arrest were made, all the stolen merchandise was recovered and no one was injuried. Rhonda, in her sopping wet socks, returns to her van (still parked in the middle of Oaks Street) and gives the shop owner a ride back to her shop.

Just another day in the life of Rhonda Floyd. San Angelo – watch out, there’s a new Sheriff in town!

Disclaimer: This is a true story. Rhonda was warned about the dangers of taking the law into your own hands and in telling this story we are not advocating doing so. We are very thankful no one was injuried in the altercation.

That being said, I do find myself very proud and thankful for my wife whose heart beats for justice and helping someone in need. Believe it or not I have seen her slam her car to a stop in the middle of the road to help a person in need more than once.

What song are you singing?

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Have you been watching American Idol? My family and I are not necessarily die hards. However, we try to avoid the trash of the opening auditions and watch the top 25 compete. It’s fun to watch the talent develop over time and see the cream of the crop rise to the top (in most cases).

As I have watched, I have discovered there are many threads that weave a good performance together. One key thread is song selection. A contestant choosing the wrong song will find themselves under a barrage of comments from the judges – “that is not the song for you.” Picking the right song becomes as important has singing it well.

Life is a song. (Can I say with out it sounding like a cliché?) But this song is sung with the way we live life. The lyrics are written by behavior not just words.

King David sang songs. He recorded several of those songs and they are found in the book of Psalm. One on my top 20 countdown list is Psalm 16. The inspiration for the lyrics in the psalm appear to be life itself. It is not uncommon for song writers to find the words for a song from the life they live. David expresses that here.

“Preserve me, O God,”; “You are my Lord, I have no good apart from you.” David found his life in the person who gave him life. He knew anything good in him did not come from him but from God.

“The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.” David knew the good things from life, the ‘blessings’ were from God.

So he “set the Lord always before” him so he would not be “shaken” or beat down by life. David sang about God “making known to him the path of life” and finding “joy” and “pleasures” from God.

I wonder what song you are singing today? Do the lyrics reflect the grand presence of God in your life or does your song fall flat?

Man Time with Micah

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Micah and I had our “Man Time” this past Saturday. We hit the new ‘Cork and Pig Tavern’ Fantastic pizza. You need to go.

Before that we hit the bowling alley and knocked around the pins.

Our discussion went from Dallas Cowboys, best pizza around, comic books, best comic book movie, super heros, and Abraham’s obedience.

We had a great time.

Daddy – Daughter Date Night

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Tonight Megan and I went on a “date.” Some one on one time between daughter and father.

It was a great night. We enjoyed a great meal @ our favorite restaurant in the world – “Chilis”. Finished it off with a root-beer float at A&W. In between, we sandwiched discussions about school, test, friends, Abraham’s example of obedience, comments about me veering off my diet a bit (it was only a tiny bit) and why God is not selfish for demanding our worship (her question).

All in all a great night with a great 10 year old.

Father, for the sake of your glory and for the sake of her sanctification, help me to be all I am supposed to be.

Lessons from failed Leadership

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I came across this nice post from Michael Hyatt on Leadership. It was a good read. You should check it out HERE.