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A Floyd Christmas Eve

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Recently, Micah, was given a writing assignment at school. ‘How did you spend Christmas Eve?’ was the assignment. Here is what HE wrote:

My night before Christmas begins with me and my family coming home from eating out. We always go out to eat on Christmas Eve. When we get home my parents let me and my sister open one present. After that, we all gather around and watch “Holiday Inn.” By the time we get done with the movie it’s one in the morning so it’s Christmas day. We end up opening all my presents. And that’s how I celebrate my Christmas Eve.

Pretty accurate I must say.


Christmas loves and memories

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christmas-black-and-white-clipart-free-christmas-tree-clipart-christmas-tree-with-present-black-and-white-clip-art-1 While sitting at the BSM one evening listening to Christmas music (waiting for the FBS Christmas party to begin) my mind begin to wander upon the many things I love about this time of year. It is hard to put my finger on the exact reason why I enjoy this time of year so much. So I thought I would write a post on some of my loves and memories of Christmas.

Things I love about Christmas
– Love Christmas music
– Christmas parties
– Christmas trees
– Christmas lights & decorations
– Thinking about Christmas memories
– Creating some Christmas memories
– Christmas movies (old classics and new soon to be classics)
– Christmas smells
– Work slows down and allows some reflection.
– FUDGE!!!!
– Cheese balls & crackers
– Cooler weather (I would love to see it snow)
– Extra time with family
– Getting to cook Christmas lunch or dinner
– Watching kids open their presents
– College Football – BOWL GAMES!!
– Christmas Eve Service

Most of the loves above are associated with childhood memories. If truth be told, my favorite memories of childhood are surrounded by Christmas. My favorite Christmas past times were watching Christmas movies like “Rudolph the Red Nose Rain Deer”, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, “Santa Clause” and “Frosty the Snow Man”. (Shhhh – I still like watching those shows.) Now I would have to add “Polar Express”, “Its A Wonderful Life” and “White Christmas.” charliebrowntree

I remember decorating our Christmas tree, singing Christmas carols, and on many nights hoping in the car as a family and driving around town to look at Christmas lights. I remember Christmas dinners at my Grandparent’s house and playing with my aunts, uncles and cousins.

I can remember many a gift from Santa Clause. My first camera. It was a Kodak instant. (One of those you shoot and it develops the picture on paper in about 10 seconds.) My first pictures were of my mom and dad being abruptly awoken by the blinding flash of the camera. Sleepy eyed, frowned faces of your parents make great Kodak moments. Took me a while to get off the naughty list after that one.

Another year I received my first hand-held video game. It was a baseball game. It had about 4 buttons and was basically a series of small lights that lit up to signify the different aspects of the game. Old school stuff. My Buck Rogers action figure was another favorite. (Google it if you are clueless about Buck Rogers.)


As a young kid I would always be the first one up – sneak into the living room where all the Santa “goods” were and would just sit there. I would sit and stair at the tree and all the presents. Not touching a single thing, I would sit and just enjoy the silence, the beauty and the sense of security I would feel in that moment. (I know – weird for a small kid to do. But that is what I did.)

I have another memory. I think I was in the 8th grade. A friend of mine and myself some how ended up at the local Methodist church. We had a couple of friends (girls) who where playing in the church Christmas program. We went to hear them play. We were sitting close to the front and were talking to the two friends before the program began. The pastor soon came over and moved us from our priceless front row seats to another area of the sanctuary. I guess he saw our true motives for being there. I am sure having two teenage boys voluntarily sitting on the front row was a dead give a way. At least he said Merry Christmas.

sheet-music We settled in to our newly assigned seats and the program began. I sat listening to the music and the Christmas story unfolded through dramatic reading. There was nothing very profound shared on this night. But I do remember sitting there and having a very warm, comforting feeling come over me. It was a real sense of peace and security and great joy. I think it was one of my first real spiritual experiences in my life.

I am not exactly sure – but everyone of those memories are tired to an experience of warmth, comfort, peace, security and joy. I think maybe that is why they have stayed with me all these years.

I’m in my 38th Christmas this year (it hurts to say that). I have received and given all kinds of gifts. I remember many of them – not because of the gift itself. But because of what it was associated with that year. Our Christmases are always associated with something. What will Christmas be associated with for you this year?

The greatest gift ever given was given to provide comfort, peace, and security in a climate that is in many ways the direct opposite. Most importantly the Gift provides salvation from the temporal to the eternal.

I remember in those small moments of peace, warmth and security never wanting the feeling to go a way. Every Christmas I find myself in small ways looking for them again. What great joy comes in knowing they are found in Christ Jesus. They can be found for eternity.

This season my family and I will strive to enjoy the lights, the movies, the hot chocolate, the Santa “goods” and the great music. But I pray we can rejoice in the gift that is Jesus. For he is Christ the Lord!