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Conversations with the M & Ms

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Setting: Family sitting at the dinner table enjoying some Chicken Empanadas.

Mom: Micah, this is a type of food you can eat with your hands.

Micah: (in his best Simon/British accent) Mother, I am not a savage – I am a gentleman!

(This was just after he pulled his shirt up and starting rubbing his belly at the dinner table)

Setting: Mom, Dad & Megan browsing through JC Penny’s

Megan: Mom, I am going to get a shirt that says, “Some one needs to spend Daddy’s money!” (She throws a coy smile at mom, along with some attitude, and adds) And its not going to be you!

I wonder who she is implying will spend my money.


More from the mouths of M & M

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Here are a few more insights from Micah and Megan. I was able to laugh at these after the shock wore off.

Megan and Dad sitting at the table a few weeks before her 9th Birthday.

Dad: Well, Megan you are soon to be nine years old. What do you think about that?

Megan: Yes, Dad, I am becoming a mature woman.

9 years and mature woman are not equal to me. HELP!

Dad & the M & Ms returning home from swimming at the local high school

Micah: Dad, I say this in love – Your getting old. You will be dead soon!

Pray son gets to see Christmas!

I Wouldn’t go that Far!

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Micah at Work

Micah at Work

Here is another little conversation between Micah and Mom.

Mom is browsing through Micah’s school work sent home for our review.
Rhonda (commenting on the work): Micah you are doing so well. You are making great grades and your attitude is so much better.

Micah: Yes, mom.

Rhonda: You really seem to be enjoying school this year.

Micah: (with his smirking smile) Well, mom – I wouldn’t go that far!

Rhonda: (a bit deflated – but almost expecting that response) Micah!

Micah: (With a deep laugh knowing he has zapped his mom once again.)

“That is what she wants to hear.”

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Micah brings home a short paper he wrote for an assignment in school. The following discussion takes place:

Mom (reading Micah’s story): “My name is Micah Floyd. My favorite color is red. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite pet is a dog. My favorite activity is reading.”

Micah: The reading part is not really true. I put reading because that is what the teacher wants to hear, but in my head I was thinking video games.

Mom: MICAH!!

The laughter of a 9 year old follows.

Conversations with Micah

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Here is another conversation we had with our kids today at the dinner table.

Setting: Eating fish and discussing rather or not we (Rhonda and I) are still “hip”:

Rhonda: HEY – I USED TO BE COOL!! (Notice the key words “used to be”).

Micah: It’s not that your old – its just you guys are a little too adult to be fun.

Conversations with Micah

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Micah throwing the duece!

Micah throwing the duece!

Today I thought I would post about a couple of conversations Rhonda and I have had with Micah, our 9 year old son. I am sure in days to come I will share some from Megan as well.

Setting: Rhonda and the kids at Blockbuster.

Rhonda: Hey guys, this was a movie that came out when your dad and I were in high school. (Looking at the back cover.) Yes, it came out in 1988.

Micah: WOW – is it in black and white!
Setting: The kids and I hanging out at the house.

Micah: (with a very serious tone and look) Dad – are you sure Megan is not an alien from another planet.

Megan: MICAH!!!
Micah: Father, are you jealous of my thick, luscious hair?

Me: (Outloud) No – I am very happy with my current hair count. (Inside) VERY MUCH!

Conversation with Micah

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Here is how a recent conversation with Micah went just a few days ago:

Describing his experience in the hospital:

MICAH: I would say this has been the second worst experience in my life.

(Mom and Dad with questioning frowns on our face.)

MOM & DAD: Micah what has been the worst experience in your life?

(Micah with a twinkle in his eye)


This is how we know he is back to normal!!!