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10 Things I Love About M&Ms

Posted in Family with tags , , , on December 3, 2008 by Lee

Well over the past 2 months Micah and Megan celebrated birthdays. Micah turned 10 and Megan turned 9. In honor of their B-Days I thought I would post: 10 things I love about …. So here it is.

Micah & Mom at Double Daves

Micah & Mom at Double Daves

10 Things I Love about Micah: (These are in random order.)

10. He is into Super Heros. (This gives me automatic permission to be in to them as well. A father and son must bond.)

9. His Calm, relaxed nature

8. His Sense of Humor – he always makes us laugh.

7. He will listen to my goofy stories and laugh.

6. He has a soft spot for hurting people.

5. He uses “big words” correctly.

4. He is precise, clean and tidy. (Most of the time.)

3. He is honest.

2. He is in to Legos.

1. He loves his momma.

And now the other M – Megan

Megan - Downtown at the soda shop

Megan - Downtown at the soda shop

10 Things I love about Megan: (Again – order is random)

10. She has a very sweet spirit.

9. She is as cute as a button.

8. She loves to help and serve people.

7. She loves to laugh.

6. She takes after her mom in so many ways.

5. She has a great smile.

4. She has no fear.

3. She is a social butterfly.

2. She loves peanuts like her dad.

1. She is a Daddy’s girl!

These are the best M&Ms!!!