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Lessons from a Child’s Pain

Posted in Family, Personal Updates with tags , , , on March 4, 2008 by Lee

I think it is time for another post. Here is one on some recent lessons learned.

A few days ago my son completed a 4 day stay in two different hospitals due to what started out as the flu and a bad stomach bug but turned out to be 3 stomach ulcers with two on the way. Weird, yes – but very true and fortunately very treatable. The fact a nine year old could get ulcers was beyond me. However, due to some bacteria (a very common one among the human race) Micah came down with a few.

Click here for photo of Micah at Scott and White

He is now on a round of antibiotics and an antacid for the next two weeks. This should take care of the little irritants. Micah and family are glad to be back into a normal routine that does not included vomiting, ivs, breathing treatments every 4 hours, and the taking of your vitals every 2 hours.

Everything Micah went through during this nine day illness makes for a pretty rough story. As a parent I can honestly say it is not fun watching your child vomit 5 days straight and Drs being a bit stumped by it all.
Since arriving at the end of this particular journey in life I have realized some stuff and learned some good lessons.

• Rhonda and I are very fortunate people. Micah was very sick. But his illness was very treatable and minor. While at Scott & White hospital in Temple, TX we came across children who were battling some life threatening diseases. Looking into the eyes of a father whose child is facing their mortality head on was heartbreaking. I don’t think I have ever seen fear, worry and heart break in a person like this before.

• My children are a gift from God and every moment with them must be treasured. And by God’s grace and His goodness my children are healthy. Our health is not a promise from God – yet God does give it. I am very thankful for this reality.

• On a couple of different occasions when Micah experienced some pain due to a procedure or frustration from being sick he would cry out to God, begging Him to make it stop. This broke our hearts. To hear your little boy beg God to make the pain and sickness go away hurts. But I am thankful that my son knows who to call out to when he is desperate and needs help. Micah knows to “lift his eyes to the hills” (Ps. 121).

• My son has matured in some ways through this experience. I am not sure how to put into words what I have seen take place in him through this ordeal. But the courage and bravery he has shown in the midst of this reveals to me Micah is moving further away from boyhood and ever closer to manhood. I am thankful for this; however, I do hope the days between the two will move slowly.

Click here for photo of Rhonda and Megan

• I have a fantastic wife and she is a wonderful mother. Rhonda is the top advocate for her children. She is a person of indescribable love for her son and daughter. Rhonda has exemplified the compassion of Christ by feeling in her own heart the pain her son has faced. She portrayed great courage, love and service toward every nurse and doctor that walk in the room. She was a comforter to her son and her daughter through a scary period. Rhonda served as a shining example to her daughter on what it means to care for your family as a mother. She is a treasure and I love her deeply.

Click here for photo of Megan and a cow

• Megan is a great sister. She loves and adores her brother. Megan prayed for him and helped decorate his room with color from her art and her joy from her smile and laughter. She carries in her the ‘no fear’ tenacity and servant’s heart of her mother. Megan is sensitive and kind and a very social butterfly. She talks to anyone and everyone. I thank God for this little girl. She is a great prize.

I am thankful to a God who uses things like a boy’s ulcer to teach me some new lessons and remind me of some old ones.

To see some additional photos of our adventure go HERE. More photos will be added later.

Until next time