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Daddy – Daughter Date Night

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Tonight Megan and I went on a “date.” Some one on one time between daughter and father.

It was a great night. We enjoyed a great meal @ our favorite restaurant in the world – “Chilis”. Finished it off with a root-beer float at A&W. In between, we sandwiched discussions about school, test, friends, Abraham’s example of obedience, comments about me veering off my diet a bit (it was only a tiny bit) and why God is not selfish for demanding our worship (her question).

All in all a great night with a great 10 year old.

Father, for the sake of your glory and for the sake of her sanctification, help me to be all I am supposed to be.


Flickr Update

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I just updated our flickr page. You can see it here. Or page down and see the flickr preview in the side bar.

Conversations with the M & Ms

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Setting: Family sitting at the dinner table enjoying some Chicken Empanadas.

Mom: Micah, this is a type of food you can eat with your hands.

Micah: (in his best Simon/British accent) Mother, I am not a savage – I am a gentleman!

(This was just after he pulled his shirt up and starting rubbing his belly at the dinner table)

Setting: Mom, Dad & Megan browsing through JC Penny’s

Megan: Mom, I am going to get a shirt that says, “Some one needs to spend Daddy’s money!” (She throws a coy smile at mom, along with some attitude, and adds) And its not going to be you!

I wonder who she is implying will spend my money.

Family Pictures

Posted in Family, Friends, Links to others with tags , , , , , on December 18, 2008 by Lee

october-2008-fam-pic-by-cozart Here are a couple of recent family pics. Our friends, Laura and Slade Cozart took these for us. They are based out of San Angelo and would love to help you with your next photo adventure. I highly recommend them. You can find their website here. The sight showcases their work.


10 Things I Love About M&Ms

Posted in Family with tags , , , on December 3, 2008 by Lee

Well over the past 2 months Micah and Megan celebrated birthdays. Micah turned 10 and Megan turned 9. In honor of their B-Days I thought I would post: 10 things I love about …. So here it is.

Micah & Mom at Double Daves

Micah & Mom at Double Daves

10 Things I Love about Micah: (These are in random order.)

10. He is into Super Heros. (This gives me automatic permission to be in to them as well. A father and son must bond.)

9. His Calm, relaxed nature

8. His Sense of Humor – he always makes us laugh.

7. He will listen to my goofy stories and laugh.

6. He has a soft spot for hurting people.

5. He uses “big words” correctly.

4. He is precise, clean and tidy. (Most of the time.)

3. He is honest.

2. He is in to Legos.

1. He loves his momma.

And now the other M – Megan

Megan - Downtown at the soda shop

Megan - Downtown at the soda shop

10 Things I love about Megan: (Again – order is random)

10. She has a very sweet spirit.

9. She is as cute as a button.

8. She loves to help and serve people.

7. She loves to laugh.

6. She takes after her mom in so many ways.

5. She has a great smile.

4. She has no fear.

3. She is a social butterfly.

2. She loves peanuts like her dad.

1. She is a Daddy’s girl!

These are the best M&Ms!!!

More from the mouths of M & M

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Here are a few more insights from Micah and Megan. I was able to laugh at these after the shock wore off.

Megan and Dad sitting at the table a few weeks before her 9th Birthday.

Dad: Well, Megan you are soon to be nine years old. What do you think about that?

Megan: Yes, Dad, I am becoming a mature woman.

9 years and mature woman are not equal to me. HELP!

Dad & the M & Ms returning home from swimming at the local high school

Micah: Dad, I say this in love – Your getting old. You will be dead soon!

Pray son gets to see Christmas!

Megan – the artist

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Megan and Micah are both pretty expressive through art. Here is a small collection of Megan’s drawings. See if you can guess who these pieces are depicting:

The Disco Scene

The Disco Scene

Looking Pretty

Looking Pretty

I need to go pee.

I need to go pee.

Well if you guessed Megan herself – that would be wrong. These are an artist impression of her mother Rhonda. Can you see the likeness?

Megan's Inspiration

Megan's Inspiration